Night Mode is a setting that allows users to enable/disable an Answering Rule by using a star-code or speed dial key. The star-code *74 is used to Activate Night mode. The star-code *75 is used to de-activate night mode.

If you are using a Routing User to direct calls to a specific destination, then the 'Night' Answering Rule described here must be configured for the Routing User. The Routing User must also be added as a line key to any phone you wish to be able to enable/disable Night Mode. This is accomplished by adding the extension of the Routing User to the lines of the phone in NDP.

When using Night mode, there's a limitation of using only two time-frames on the user. (Night Mode and Default rules)

     The punctuation must match 'Night' exactly (the N must be capitalized)

When this rule is disabled by the *75 star code, it will be ignored and the switch will move on to the next applicable answering rule.