The following steps will allow you to create a Call Queue. This feature allows PBX administrators to manage high traffic call flows. This feature is sometimes called an ACD (which stands for Automatic Call Distribution). When all lines are in use for the company or group, you can place the caller in queue until the next available agent is free instead of having the caller listen to a busy signal or sending them to voice mail. While in a queue, callers can hear music on hold or custom company announcements. There are several different types of queues that can be used depending on business needs.

  • Office Manager or Call Center Supervisor access to the Manager Portal
  • Call queues can contain both on-net and Remote agents. Be sure to use Request Confirmation option for Remote Agents.
  • Only online agents can be part of an active queue.
  • If a device is not registered then the agent will be considered to be offline.
  • Icon colors represent agent status; grey - offline, green - online, red - online but currently taking a call.
  • Agents that are a part of multiple queues can prioritize one queue over another.
  • Queues must have music on hold files uploaded to it; otherwise domain default music on hold will be played.
  • If the extension you are creating for the queue is not currently present; the system will create one and indicate this by showing the green New label to the right of the dialog box.
  • Agents in the Queue are Phones not Users

Types of Call Queues

Create a Call Queue

Pre Queue Options

In Queue Options


The queue is now created. You can route DIDs to the Call Queue and add agents.