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  •  IMPORTANT: Button 1 should always be set to your Line Appearance, do not change it as it's by default
  •  You are now on the SNAPbuilder Page. Here, you can see your phone with the MAC Address and also how many buttons you can customize based on your phone.
  •  Click on any button number on the right and you will see "Select a Feature"
    •  Line Appearance - line registration to the device 
    •  Shared Line Appearance - adds a shared line that can be added to multiple devices
    •  Users (BLF) - allows to see the present status of another extension, can also be used to call the extension
    •  Call Park  - allows you to park the active call and also use the button to retrieve the call at a later point
    •  Speed Dial - allows to call a specific destination either on-net or off-net
  •  The phone should have no more than 1 Line Appearance 
  •  You can also add a Custom Label to make it easier for you when you add a button
  •  Once you have made the changes on your phone's keys,  Click the Up-Arrow Key right next to Save button and then click on Save and Resync.

  •  Your phone will restart or resync the configuration you have made and will implement the changes to the phone