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e-911 Registration

  •  From either the root level or domain(Note: must be domain not siptrunk) level click on the Inventory tab
  •  In the Inventory screen click on 911 Numbers
  •  Each number will have a red or green tag indicating the status
    •  OK - Number is registered and ready for use
    •  Not ProvisionedNumber is not 
  •  Click on the number you wish to provision
  •  Enter the requested information
    •  Caller Name: Business name
    •  Address: Address and suite if applicable
    •  Country: United States or Canada
    •  State/Province: State or Province
    •  City: City
    •  ZIP Code: Zip Code
  •  Click Validate
  •  Once the address is validated with USPS the button will change to Save. Click it again
  •  The number will be registered. The status should change to OK

Deprovision e-911 Number

  •  To the right of the 911 Number click on the red X
  •  Click Yes

  •  The status will change to Not Provisioned
  •  For E911 compliance you can copy ours