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Enter the Customer's Page

  •  Hover over the Customer tab on the left side of the screen and click Subscribers

  •  Click on the account number of the customer you wish to add the recurring product to. 

Add Product

  •  Click Create Order on the right side of the Products Owned window

  •  To view the different products, change the Category dropdown to the desired type
  •  To add a product to the order, click Add on the right. A green circle with the number 1 will appear
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  •  Click Review

Adding an Add-On

If you want to add a toll free package, voicemail transcription, or other add-on, you can do so in the review section

  •  Select the item you wish to add on to
    NOTE: For toll free or other usage based packages, select usage. For voicemail transcription, select bundled seat
  •  Go to the Purchase Add-Ons tab
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  •  Change the search type to Product Name and enter the product you wish to add
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  •  Click Add on the product you wish to add, then select the checkmark on the left to close the tab
  •  The Add-On will now appear on your product
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Place the Order

  •  Review to confirm everything is correct and select Place Order

Activating the Order

  •  Once your order has been placed, navigate to the Orders tab

  •  Your order should be in Pending Billing status. Select the cog icon and click Activate

  •  Select all the products you wish to activate and update the activation date, then click Start Billing
  •  The product status will update to Partially Fulfilled. Once the activation date has passed, it will change to Billing Active