We want to ensure your migration to v2 goes as smoothly as possible. Please review the below details regarding the migration process. Once you are ready to move forward send an email to support@oitvoip.com with your domain. Migration will be scheduled within 48 business hours.

Items which will be migrated

  • Auto Attendants and greetings
  • Call Queues and greetings
  • User list
  • Voicemail PINs
  • Voicemail greetings
  • DID routing
  • Time Frames
  • Phone overrides made in the portal
  • Directory assignments
  • Answering Rules
  • Call forwarding users
  • Virtual Mailboxes

Items which will not be migrated

  • Call recordings
  • Voicemail messages
  • Call history
  • Fax history
  • SMS messages
  • Phone configurations made directly on the phone
  • PBX Portal contacts
  • Phone wallpapers uploaded directly to the phone

Special considerations

Mobile App

The recommended mobile application for IOS and Android on v2 is SNAPmobile - WLP Only. The previous application ReachUC will not function on v2. Zoiper and Bria will continue to function normally.


WebFax to/from email will be ported separately. Please note that we are changing our faxing product. The new product is mFax. The $9.99 faxing will include 1 DID and 1 user. Additional users or DIDs will be an additional cost. Transfer of fax services to the new platform will be scheduled in a separate ticket. Reach out to sales for additional information or questions.


SMS will now be a function of the PBX portal. SMS-enabled DIDs can only be routed to a single user. If you were using SMS please notify us immediately. Due to the different platforms you will lose access to SMS for at least 7 days. We will include 1 SMS DID per account that is migrated from v1 to v2 if requested at the time of migration. New accounts and SMS DIDs will be billed at current rates.  Reach out to sales for additional information or questions.

Migration Process

Once you are ready to migrate to v2 please send an email to support@oitvoip.com advising your domain and preferred migration time/date. This must be at least 48 business hours after the request is submitted, between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM EST. We will do our best to meet your requested date, but cannot guarantee it. We will confirm the schedule via the submitted ticket.

v2 Domain Preparation

The OIT staff will prepare your v2 domain according to the items above. Once completed we will notify you via the ticket to advise the date and time of the final transfer.

Transfer of Phones and Calls

At the agreed date and time we will contact you to point your phones to your v2 domain. Once a few phones are online with v2 we will migrate your inbound calls. After testing with the migrated phones we will continue pointing the remaining phones to v2. 

Final Cleanup

All user accounts on v1 will be deleted. Any webfax and SMS requests will be scheduled for porting to the new platform.

All numbers on v1 that have successfully ported, you will have to remove the route on Manage DID and then delete them in inventory.