Adding a Grant

This document follows instructions for adding usage grants for voice. Examples will be for toll free packages, but other items (international calling, local, etc) can be used as well. 

  • Log into OneBill and go to Pricing > Promotions

  • Select Grants > Create New Grant

  • Complete the following fields. Leave all others default
    • Give It A Name...: Name your grant something descriptive (ie 500 Toll Free Minutes)
    • Grant Type: Recurring
      NOTE: If you plan to allow rollover minutes, check off the rollover box on the left
    • Units: How many minutes you plan to give
    • Resource Type: MINUTES
    • Threshold Limit: This is optional, but you can configure notifications to email when this limit is reached
  • Under Consumption Criteria select Add Criteria
  • Complete the following. Leave all other fields blank
    • Event Type: This can be Origination (inbound) or Termination (outbound)
    • Event Category: TollFree-IB
    • Time Code: Standard