Cancel Product Owned

  • Navigate to the Products Owned tab in the subscriber profile.
  • Click on the  sign next to the product you would like to cancel to expand it. 
  • Click on the gear sign next to the item you want to cancel. 
  • Click Cancel
  • Enter the Effective Date and Reason for canceling the product. 
  • Click Confirm

Activate the Cancellation Order

  • Once the above steps are complete, navigate to the Orders tab in the subscriber page. NOTE: a separate order will be made for each canceled product.
  • You will see your order in the "Pending Billing" status. Click on the gear next to the order you are cancelling
  • Click on Activate
  • Select the Products you will be cancelling and change the Activation Date to the date which you will stop billing them.
  • Click on Start Billing
  • image2020-4-1_15-45-14.png

Note: if you have a date where the customer has already been invoiced for the products, you will see credits post in the Transactions tab.