Default Usage Rating for End Users

Origination - Inbound. Termination - Outbound.

CategoryCharge Category NamePrice Per Minute
Local OriginationOrigination Local CallsFree
Local TerminationTermination Local Calls


International TerminationVaries per prefixSee our international rates here
Toll Free CallsToll Free Orig


Toll Free Calls - 500 MinutesToll Free Orig$0.037/minute overages
Toll Free Calls - 1000 MinutesToll Free Orig$0.035/minute overages
Toll Free Calls - 2500 MinutesToll Free Orig$0.026/minute overages
Toll Free Calls - 5000 MinutesToll Free Orig$0.023/minute overages
Toll Free Calls - 10000 MinutesToll Free Orig$0.02/minute overages

Change Usage Rating for End Users

  • Log into OneBill
  • Navigate to Pricing > Usage Rating

  • Select Charge Groups [Retail] from the dropdown
  • Select the charge group you wish to edit from the dropdown.
  • Select the cog icon next to the charge category you wish to change and click Edit
  • Edit the Charge field to the pricing you wish to charge per minute
  • Click Save

Add Charge Groups for Own Products

  • Attached is a copy of our Charge Group Detail Report. Here you can adjust the prices of any charge groups. Once you have done so, or if you wish to keep all rating the same, you can continue to the next steps
  • Log into OneBill
  • Navigate to Config > Import & Export

  • Select Charge Group and CSV(.csv) for the content type. Upload the Detail Report and click Upload