Create Partner

  • From the left menu click on Partnersthen click on Partners
  • At the right click on Create Partner

  • Fill out the following information
    • Business Name: Reseller's company name
    • Account Number: Reseller ID number
    • Address: Reseller's address
    • City: City
    • State: State
    • Country: Country
    • Zip/Postal Code: Zip code 
    • Primary Contact Name: Reseller first and last name
    • Preferred Billing Date: 1
    • Delay Billing: Default
    • Contact Type: Billing
    • Primary Email Address: Email address of reseller
    • Username: Same as email address
  • Under Role
    • User Role: Primary Partner Admin
    • Accessible Roles: Select Primary Partner Admin, Partner Admin and CSR User
  • Under Settlement Settings
    • Choose Settlement Frequency: Every 1 Months
    • Leave the rest of the options at their defaults
  • Under Currency & Language leave defaults
  • Partner Documents leave defaults

Copy Settings

  • Under Choose from where you want to copy the following settings select None
  • Settlement Template: Partner Invoice
  • Invoice Templates: Select Detailed and AT&T

  • Default Invoice: Detailed
  • Quote Templates: Quote Doc
  • Leave all checkboxes unchecked
  • Payment Settings: Leave Offline selected
  • Click Create New Partner


The partner will receive an email with a link to log into the platform