Bria Solo Free is a Free Windows, Mac, IOS and Android app that can be used as a softphone which comes with a free 30 day trial for the premium version. The following step will allow you to configure the X-Lite softphone application for use with your OITVOIP hosted voice service

Items Needed

  • Windows or Mac Computer or an Android or IOS Phone
  • Bria Free Solo App
  • SIP User
  • SIP Password
  • OITVOIP Domain
  • Login to

Download Bria Solo Free

  • Download Bria Free Solo from
    • Do note that you will have to make an account for Bria and while it will be a trial, once the 30 days have expired you will still be able to use Bria Free Solo with limited feature

Obtain your Domain Info

  • Log into
  • Login Name will be your extension@yourdomain IE 1016@oitdemo
  • Password will be the password you set for you account

  • Click Log In
  • Click on the Phones button at the top

  • Click the Add Phone button

  • Enter a letter from a through z
    • Note that m and wp are both reserved for SNAPmobile

  • Now click Add
  • Select the configuration button for the extension you created
  • Take note of the Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username and Password and close out the menu


  • Once you have created your Bria account go ahead and continue the setup
  • Click on Configure SIP Settings

  • Now on Configure a Voice Account fill out each box using the information gathered earlier

  • Domain: Domain/Proxy from the previous step
  • Port: 5060
  • SIP Username: Username from the previous step
  • SIP/Voice Password: Password from the previous step
  • Now we're going to configure the Service Settings for Bria

  • SIP Proxy: The Outbound Proxy from the previous step
  • Transport: Set to UDP
  • Voicemail Number: Should be set as 5001
  • Now once those options are configured go ahead and hit the Next Step button at the bottom

  • Click the icon of the device you are trying to configure the application for and click on Set Up Complete
  • Go ahead and run the file that downloaded and go through the installation steps
  • Once the installation is complete login using the account you previously setup for the Bria website


  • Once logged in you will see the below screen and Bria should be registered and ready for use. If the setup failed then Bria will show that the accounts failed to enable. The most common reason for accounts failing to register are typos in the user name or password. If you experience any issues please email