We have changed the default Yealink configuration files to use a newer custom Yealink firmware. This firmware solves several issues and adds certain functionality to some phones, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongle compatibility on the T42S. New phones added to the platform will automatically grab and install this firmware, and current phones will update upon resync/reboot. We do recommend updating firmware when it is convenient for you or your customers.

The new firmware version xx.81.0.111 has been tested for several weeks. It has also been available in our documentation here Yealink Overrides

If you would like to bypass this firmware you can use the following overrides as Device or Domain overrides.


We have also added a periodic auto-provisioning using “Flexible Auto Provision” to the default configuration file using the following overrides. This will allow phones to check for new configuration files at a random interval once every seven days between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00AM.


If you prefer to use your own time schedule for periodic resyncs you can simply disable this by using static.auto_provision.flexible.enable="0" as a Brand Default Override.